27 Sep 2016


Autor: B-LAB

We have the pleasure to invite you at expoBIBLIOTECA v.2.0., Friday 30th of September 2016, 5:00 PM, TNB Media Hall Foyer, access from Tudor Arghezi Street – at “BRAILA LABORATORY – Alternative approaches to urban peripheries within a shrinking city (B-LAB)” project book release, financed through SEE Grants in the framework of the “Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage” program.


The book consists of two volumes summarizing results of the workshops coordinated by the two partner schools, BAS (Bergen Arkitekthøgskole) and UAUIM (University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”).

Vol. I – This Place Is Pretty Good:  Spatial Engagements With Braila’s Latency

Editors: Andrea Spreafico and Cristian Ștefănescu

Using the city of Brăila in Romania (a post-industrial, post-communist city with economic and population decline) as the field of operation, an international group of students and teachers have been exploring forms of operational capital that go beyond economy to develop architectural approaches. As such we have been working both in the studio in Bergen and on the field in Brăila to explore and ignite latent potentials derived from the particularities of the context – latent potentials such as the creative potential of users, the undervalued Communist era heritage, new forms of micro-urbanisms, an abundance of space and building stock formed as a result of economic and demographic contractions to name some.

As part of our field work, we have sought ways to test and calibrate the architectural approaches through direct actions, such as built interventions, participatory processes, interviews or presentations. And further looked to develop and anchor these approaches within the local communities, institutions and individuals that constitute the life of the city.
The following pages are an exploration into ways of thinking and doing architecture as a dialectical process of “how to” maximize the affects of latent capital with limited means
as a way to evolve a city’s future potential.



Vol. II – Urban Markers: Explorations, Tactics and Actions into Brăila, Romania

Editors: Angelica Stan and Irina Pața

The present volume synthetically presents the results of the Brăila Laboratory Project (B-LAB) generated by the activities of the team of students and specialists, under the coordination of the ‘Ion
Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urban Planning – Faculty of Urban Planning.
These activities were carried out between April 2015 and June 2016 and consisted of two main sections:

  1. A brief research on the problematic of shrinking cities, on the relationship between urban growth and shrinkage, taking the city of Brăila as a case study.
  2. A second section is represented by the actual results of theworkshop coordinated by the UAUIM, consisting of the urban micro-reactivation projects and actions organised in Brăila by
    architecture, urban planning and landscaping students. Thus, the Brăila Laboratory project lead to the discovery of less obvious city resources, and the series of small scale, urban acupuncture interventions highlighted the unsuspected potential of urban spaces that are absent-mindedly consumed in daily life.




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