28 Dec 2015

How to source waste from local material flows that can be used as construction elements

Project: Around 20 cottages build from wooden crates originated from a local textile factory

Location: Bergsdalen, Hordaland

Years: 1945-1960

Size: Appr. 30 sqm

Budget: From 10.000 to 100.000 NOK

Team: Ole Thaule as well as various workers or clerks at Dale Fabrikker

Initiator: Private


Cabin in a box

How to spend your freetime in empty wrapping


Dale fabrikker, in Dale Hordaland, peaked at 1.400 employees in the 70s. To day there is no production in Dale, but the brand is still known world wide. To this community numerous wooden crates with machinery and raw material arrived in the 50s and 60s. How were these boxes utilized?


One of Dale’s production floors in the 50s.

Close to Dale, along the old route to Voss, is Bergsdalen, 450 meters above sea level. Workers and clerks from Dale fabrikker spend much of their freetime here. Around 20 cabins are known to be build from the wooden boxes, and other materials, originally from the factory. Many of these cabins are still in use, some them rebuild and extended, others exactly as they were.



This is one of them, build in 1960, by Ole Taule and his brother in law, Osvald Røyrvik, the latter being a carpenter. Neither of them had a direct connection with Dale fabrikker. It is unknown how they got hold of the boxes used in the construction.

On the inside of the planks in the roof one can see inscriptions which once reered to the content of the boxes, sometimes in arabic.

Axo of structure principle.

Axo of structure principle.


The exterior of the cabin is simple and straight forward. The exact location of the site is evident that it’s constructors knew what they were doing, concerning wind direction and snow.

Axo of exterior appearance.

Axo of exterior appearance.


The interior mainly consists of one room, divided into zones by furniture, curtain or “half” walls. The entrance is covered by a separate roof and creates a space in-between inside and outside. The door of the entrance is considerably lower than the main room, leaving cool air outside.

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